Company Structure

Basic organizational structure of the company is as follows

  • General Director Section
    • Department of Management Systems
    • Production Division
      • Bílina Production Department
      • Production department Tušimice
      • Hydraulics Department
    • Trade and Engineering Division
      • Projects Department
      • Trade Department
      • Engineering Department
      • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Administration Section
        • Asset Management Department

      Further breakdown of the divisions into economic centres is given by the specific activities that are secured by various economic centres.
      The authority and responsibility is given by general legislation and internal management documents. One of the most important one in this respect is the Organizational Order.

      Board of Directors

      Ing. Luboš Straka, Ph.D.
      Chairman of the Board
      Ing. Viktor Hrdina, MBA
      Vice Chairman of the Board
      Ing. Ladislav Michálek
      Member of the Board

      Supervisory Board

        • Tomáš Vachtl - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
          Ing. Táňa Streda Šťastná - Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board
          Ing. Pavel Komrska, MBA - Member of the Supervisory Board
          JUDr. Marek Šlégl - Member of the Supervisory Board
          Mr. Libor Částek - Member of the Supervisory Board
          Mr. Karel Bešta - Member of the Supervisory Board


        • Ing. Luboš Straka - General Director
          Ing. Viktor Hrdina, MBA - Director of Administration Division
          Ing. Martin Smíšovský - Director of Engineering
          Ing. Ladislav Michálek - Director of Production Division
          Vladimír Bělecký - Head of Department of Management Systems
          Ing. Luboš Ryjáček - Head of the Management Department and Quality Control
          Ing. Tomáš Gärtner - Head of Engineering Department
          Ing. Vitaly Pisl - Project Manager
          Ms. Lenka Englerová - Head of Economic Support Department
          Miroslav Nachtmann - Head of Design and Construction Department
          Ing. Luboš Kučera - Head of the Bílina Production Department
          Mr. Libor Částek - Head of Welding School
          Ing. Jaroslav Ticháček - Head of Tušimice Production Department
          Mr. Václav Viktora - Head of Hydraulics Department
          Ms. Alena Pelešková - Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering
          Ing. Šimon Vohar - Head of Electrical Design Department

    Organizational Scheme

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    Organizační schéma

    Organizační schéma