Cable machines

Cable machine is used to supply power to giant machine from supply point of power line. Several cable machines can be connected in series to increase the distance between giant machine and the connection point.

The machines are designed and constructed according to specific requirements and wishes of each customer (supply voltage of the giant machine, cable length) and always take into account specific conditions of the location, in which they will be deployed.

Each cable machine consists of an undercarriage with a support frame and with an extension with cable drum and a support structure including roof. The undercarriage consists of two belts with electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic drive. The cable machine is powered directly from the giant machine, or using a diesel generator, which is included.


Supply voltage 400[V]
Installed power 50 ÷ 70[kW]
Undercarriage drive 45 ÷ 60[kW]
Travel speed 10[m/min]
Length ~ 12590[mm]
Hight ~ 6310[mm]
Width ~ 6870 [mm]
Total weight 41 ÷ 55[t]
Total weight with cable of 65 mm diameter 58,4 ÷ 72,4[t]
Total weight with cable of 95 mm diameter 61,4 ÷ 75,4[t]
Surface pressure on the ground do 0,07[MPa]
Maximum permitted slope – longitudinal direction 5[%] (~ 2.86 [°])
Maximum permitted slope – transverse direction 5[%] (~ 2.86 [°])
Voltage of the trailing cable 6 ÷ 35[kV]
Trailing cable diameter 65 ÷ 95[mm]
Length of the trailing cable (65 mm diameter) 2450[mm]
Length of the trailing cable (65 mm diameter) 1700 [mm]

Selected reference applications

Cable machines for excavators:
SchRs 1500/4x30 Year 2002
SchRs 1320/4x30 Year 2005
KU 800 Year 2010
KK 1300 Year 2011
Cable cars for spreaders:
ZPDH 6300 Year 2000
ZPDH 6300.1 - CZ Year 2009
ZPD 8000 Year 2011