Afirex extinguishing system

In addition to equipment for surface mining, PRODECO, a.s. also offers – as the only one in the Czech Republic - delivery of aerosol fire extinguishing equipment AFIREX.

General characteristics

Fire extinguishing equipment Afirex (FEEG) consists of aerosol fire extinguishing generators Afirex and an electronic control system Schrack Seconet. 

AFIREX P generators are designed to extinguish Class A and B volume fires and to inert explosive environment. It reliably extinguishes fires of solids, liquid flammables, substances dissolving at high temperature, flammable gases, electrical equipment in industrial buildings, warehouses, residential buildings, offices and garages. It can be used for extinguishing all kinds of petroleum products, plastics, thermal and cable insulation, gases, river and sea vessels and other types of transportation equipment. When it is activated it produces cooled aerosol and its construction is designed for multiple use. Afirex P generators can be used for fire and explosion protection of areas to a maximum height of 12 m with a capacity of up to 5000 m3 and in the presence of electrical devices without voltage limitation.

The mechanism of aerosol extinguishing activates deceleration (inhibition) of chemical reactions accompanying the combustion process. Solid phase of aerosol plays the main role in inhibition of environment. Thanks to the extremely fine dispersion of the solid phase (the size of solid phase particle is around 1 meter) the aerosol remains floating while maintaining extinguishing capability for 40 minutes.

Aerosol is highly effective extinguishing agent that can be used as a replacement for halon extinguishers (1211, 1301, 2402), which are forbidden to use. It does not harm the environment.

Control of FEEG is ensured by an electronic system Schrack Seconet, type Integral C. The control panel of Integral C is connected to a 230V power source. The system automatically switches to a backup source during power failure. Operation on the replacement source is guaranteed for at least 72 hours, of which 15 minutes is in the alarm phase. Functions of the source, precisely its operating parameters, are continuously monitored.

The whole system consists of modules that are on a circular line. That guarantees 100% functionality of the system. The following modules are on the loops: Manual call points - intended to start extinguishing in particular part of the building. Then there are relay output modules and their relay contacts switch trigger voltage for Afirex fire generators. All the states of Afirex extinguishing system (operating, alarm and fault) are acoustically and visually signaled on the Integral C control panel.

Individual connections of launch buttons and relay outputs or its groups are created using the configuration software and can be changed or adjusted at any time according to actual requirement. Each output is delayed so that in the presence of people in the area, which will be extinguished based on the command from the start button, the people could leave the space following an acoustic signal. Time to leave the area, exactly the delay of extinguishing start, can be set.

Electrical wiring in protected areas is made ​​of fire resistant halogen-free pair cables. Signal distributions of Afirex extinguishing system are made ​​of shielded cables. Fire resistant cables provide functional ability in fire for 180 minutes.

Power supply of 230V AC is made of fire resistant halogen-free cables.

Technical data

Type of generator   AFIREX P6 AFIREX P2
Temperature range [°C] od –50 do +50
Dimensions: diameter [mm] 530 300
Dimensions: height [mm] 500 345
Weight of generator [kg] 51,5 15
Type of load   TTK4 a TTK6
Filling weight [kg] 6,0 2,0
Aerosol development time [s] 35   5 30   5
Generator electric start:    
Dimensions: voltage [V DC] 24
Dimensions: current [A] od 0,4 do 10

Reference application

Excavator K 10000 Bílina Mines Year 2003
Spreader ZPD 8000 Bílina Mines Year 2003
Spreader ZP 10000 Bílina Mines Year 2003
Excavator RK 5000 MU, a.s. Year 2003
Excavator KU 800.7 MU, a.s. Year 2004
Excavator K2000 Bílina Mines Year 2005
Spreader ZP 6600.9 MU, a.s. Year 2005
Excavator KU 800.18 Bílina Mines Year 2006